the truth

web users please note: "trent reznor's personal web page" is a complete fake. nothing records has made aware their disapproval of the site. do not buy into any of its false claims.

now the page claims that the "unofficial nine inch nails homepage" is a fake.. a fake? someone please explain how an unofficial homepage can be a fake.

if you view the comments in the beginning of "reznor's edge" you will find the following:

This page is a parody. It is NOT really the web page of Trent Reznor. I'm one of Trent's biggest fans myself, and in no way is this page meant to malign or denegrate his work. For a complete explanation of why this page was created, see Come on folks... if you think about it, there are a LOT of clues that this page is silly. I mean, come on... BOB Reznor? "Impossible Pain"? And song titles like "mr. reconstruct" "further" and "blow"? What about the thing about Trent "having lunch" with Coolio and Dr. Dre? Take a look at this page, enjoy it's content, but keep in mind... it's all a silly joke, the work of a dedicated fan (and I must say some of the things I say about the "direction" of trent's new album (halo 11) are from my heart... a fantasy of what my idea of a perfect nine inch nails release would be). I understand John Malm is already pissed at me for this page. Fine. He's a businessman. I understand. But more than anything else... if I ever find out that Trent is pissed at it... that's the day it will come down. I don't see that day on the horizon, though, because "Closer to Hogs" proved to me what kinda sense of humor Trent has... and I think he can take a little good natured ribbing... Of course, if he CAN'T take it... tch. Too bad for him.

(message from blackrose)

reznor's edge, in a word, is not trent reznor. it is some freak named Eric Seven playing with photoshop and propogating his own web company through lies and deception.

i have spoken with many people on the topic: chris vrenna, trent, and john malm are all steamed at eric.

visit the official nothing records pages if you do not believe yet.

thank you.

jason patterson

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