nine inch nails is trent reznor

the live band consists of:

trent reznor
robin finck
danny lohner
chris vrenna
charlie clouser
sean beavan

they are really in their own class of music.  they combine dark, brooding,
morose topics with a blend of light and heavy guitar, film clips, plenty of
synth, beating drums, and a bit of piano.  they are maybe what you would 
term as industrial-synth-metal-alternative.  i hate to use that word,
alternative, since with it sticks a label of a large number of sell-out bands,
but nin is a big alternative.  they are the alternative to the regular flow
of music filling the ears of today, and instead release a new form of audio
enjoyment, from their poetic lyrics to their angry guitars, nin is definitely
a worthwhile listen for any occasion.  it is especially great at weddings. ;)

reznor's official releases are as such (to date):

halo one          down in it
halo two          pretty hate machine
halo three        head like a hole
halo four         sin
halo five         broken
halo six          fixed
halo seven        march of the pigs
halo eight        the downward spiral 
halo nine         closer to god
halo ten          further down the spiral

plus a few haloless promo items, and limited singles, etc. that do not get
that much flow as do the halo marked items.  reznor slaps a halo number (all
of which follow in chronological order, from his first single, down in it,
to the current halo, closer to god) to designate an official release
and a chronological landmark in the nin world.  

to find out more on nine inch nails, join the usenet group,
join the irc channel #NIN, or ask your local record dealers about them.