reviews and interviews

  spin 2/90 black celebration/flash [text-only]
  alternative press 3/90 getting down in it [text-only]
  alternative press 7/90 portrait of a nine inch nail [text-only]
  rockflash 1990 branding nine inch nails [text-only]
  thrasher 1990 nine inch nails [text-only]
  musician 3/94 nine inch nails
  keyboard 3/94 trent reznor [text-only]
  guitar world 4/94 machine head
  muchmusic 4/94 and 1990 nine inch nails spotlight
  u. magazine 4/94 the reluctant icon
  the dallas morning news 10/31/94 reznor & co. hammer it home
  the fort worth star-telegram 10/31/94 nine inch nails goes on mainstream tour
  rip magazine 11/94 trentspeak [text-only]
  axcess 1994 talking about nothing with trent reznor [text-only]
  plazm 1994 an interview with trent reznor [text-only]
  q magazine 1994 miscellaneous snippets
  huh 1/95 nothing from nothing leaves nothing
  vox 1/95 natural born killers
  musician 1/95 artist of the year
  huh 2/95 revolution no. nine [text-only]
  people 2/95 the music of rage [text-only]
  hit parader 3/95 caught in the act [text-only]
  details 4/95 the art of darkness
  guitar school 5/95 the pit: nine inch nails
  al crawford 1992 review of broken
  al crawford 1992 review of fixed
  al crawford 1994 review of tds
  al crawford 1994 review of closer
  wired 1994 review of tds [text-only]

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