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1 23 97
wh00t. we are now free of the slow wrath of multiverse. we are now hosted on wezl.org, leetest of the leet. thanks so much to bryan blank for hooking us up. really. he saved us. ;) along with hope and vaseline, the nin.net domain has been around because of jamie rishaw. and without him at multiverse, bills were going to start flying if we didn't move. so let bryan know how cool he is.

if you havent noticed already, nin.net's structure has changed. www.nin.net is now a jumping-off page to other sites hosted and related to nin.net. nothing.nin.net is still here at the same url, but KT and i decided on moving hope and vaseline over to a more appropriate url, hnv.nin.net. this allows more "projects" of sorts in store for nin.net. if you have a leet idea or a project for nin.net, let me know (no, we cannot host personal pages here and other stuff and such, and won't fufill "personal" requests..)

switching to wezl.org with our free hardware supplied by Integrity Data of tlh fl, we're running on a linux box now and are sitting on a dual t1. things will be going faster.

meanwhile on the nine inch nails front, i received a copy of the lost highway soundtrack today as well as the radio copy of the perfect drug. if you are expecting another natural born killers-esqe soundtrack you'll be in for a suprise. dialogue and other thematics of the movie are incorporated a la NBK, but in different ways and for not as long. also there aren't really a ton of alternative songs but instead it has a lot of orchestral and pseudo easy-listening music. it's not bad at all however, but quite a different approach. a superior job by reznor on it.

1 13 97
regarding the perfect drug:
in case you didn't know, there's a new nine inch nails song on the soundtrack for david lynch's new film lost highway.

the video is directed by mark romanek. it does not have any footage from the movie in it at all but instead is a piece of art in itself. it has an olde-style 1700's-1800's feel to it, with trent playing a character (as opposed to trent being trent).. he says it's strange and experimental, but then everything regarding this project is experimental..

so is the ep.. not really an ep, but a single of the perfect drug with many remixes, it's slated for euro-only release. i dont know if it will carry a halo number, altho it probably will.. it will feature drumbass remixes by The Orb, Goldie, Meat Beat Manifesto, and Plug (as well as some possible others). the sound of it isn't necessarily the style he will be taking with the next full album.. once again it's just to experiment, branch out, and cover new ground..

the video will be debuting in 1 week on mtv, next saturday, as part of "mtv's premiere week" stuff... (on a side note, the manson video for "tourniquet" will be out on monday.. it looks pretty much like TBP and was directed by the same person)..

as for trent's feelings about the internet's distribution of the realaudio file.. he was flattered that people want to hear the song asap.. but also he feels that this was not the right way to go about it. they are still cracking down on who gave it to kroq in the first place.. they have tracked down the edit of the song that it came from and narrowed it down to a few contacts.. btw, in the realaudio file that whooshing static sound before the tonal beats in the beginning of a song is from the track BEFORE TPD on the soundtrack.. i.e. whoever gave it to kroq had the full soundtrack.. hmm..

other stuff:

3 magazine covers pretty coon.. raygun, rolling stone, and spin.. RS will have trent & lynch together on the cover.. and spin named trent the #1 vital musician of today (along with a list of 40 others.. billy pumpkin being #2.. ech)

the tapeworm project is kickin.. they've got some work done with that..

the nothingrecords.com site is still switching servers and internic crap (which always takes forever) but we are still working on it.. the project has not been abandoned.. the chat system is still down, but that may change or may not change, i dont know. i still plan to extract all of the old "help me i am in hell" messages form the forum and put them out there, since people wanted them. i still have that uncorrupted database here.

jan 18 - debut of tpd on mtv jan 20 - release of tpd to radio feb 14 - lost highway hits (selected?) theatres feb 18 - lost highway soundtrack hits stores

8 29 96
as you can see, i've added commonwealth ads to all my pages.. dont see this as selling out.. :) delays in the nothing records homepage have postponed the "release date" to sometime in september. we hope to have it up by october. it depends on the coordination between me, cookware, the graphic artist, and nothing records, as there currently is a conflict of interests on what we initially want on the site..

5 6 96
work on the unofficial homepage has been abandoned to work on the official nin and nothing records site. new information will be posted as it becomes available to the public. right now trent is working on the new album (not to be called impossible pain), the quake sfx, producing the manson album, and other projects. chris is working on manson stuff as well. robin has left the band (old news), and a new guitarist has not been picked. the "new logo" is not a new logo, it was just used for that line of merch (since the downward spiral motif had been beaten into the ground). the new manson album should be out in september or so. the nin album is far from completion. the nothing records / nine inch nails official pages should be up no later than july.

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