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NINE INCH NAILS - DOWN IN IT. reznor's first single, it was the first sight of nin on the music scene, just before he released his first album which quickly rose up the charts. first pressed on vinyl and then released on cd after the full-length album came out. the video for this song, while it may not compare with the ones recently released, is still decent. the uncensored and extended versions (rare sights) depict reznor lying dead and disfigured in a pool of blood, his flesh covered with cornstarch. during the taping, the camera floated away (mounted on a baloon) and was recovered to be seen as a snuff film. an investigation followed and the rest is hard copy history. also known as halo one.

NINE INCH NAILS - PRETTY HATE MACHINE. this was reznor's first album, and quickly after release it turned multi-platinum. it is still bought today by many, and remains as a classic in all techno-industrial fans minds. reznor toured after the release of this, on his now i'm nothing tour, and did not release another album until 1992. after the release of this reznor was depicted in spin magazine as the "leader of the industrial revolution", which angered him much. he does not view his music as "industrial" but is fine if you call his music "industrial". this release also launched great publicity for his label, tvt, which eventually attempted to control him beyond belief. phm is still on the billboard charts for backcatalogue albums. also known as halo two.

NINE INCH NAILS - HEAD LIKE A HOLE. a jam packed maxi-single, tvt forced trent into releasing this single with the "ugly cover art" in the domestic u.s. and to have it contain a lot of mixes. tvt's desire for more publicity continues. the u.k. release was how trent intended it to be released, in color and all. the video for this depicted tribal ritual and rock concert thematics as the same thing. the flood mix version (rare sight) was also released, it containing a few added shots of reznor hanging from a bird-cage-shaped cage, entangled in magnetic tape. the u.k. import of the single contains the opal remix not found on the normal u.s. version. also known as halo three.

NINE INCH NAILS - SIN. reznor's third single off of his hit lp, it contains his first cover, get down make love, a queen song. the cover was helped in production by alien jourgensen, a member of ministry. a bit more colorful than the previous release, it also contains a few good mixes. a video for sin is rumored to exist, and was released for a limited time, but then quickly withdrawn and banned for its content. it is still wondered today as to what the video contained, as it has not made its way onto any bootleg tapes or copies by hand, although brief descriptions of it mentioned by certain individuals have described it as two half-naked men throwing blood on each other. go figure. also known as halo four.

NINE INCH NAILS - BROKEN. reznor's release of this ep and its harsh angry style was deeply influenced by trent's legal battles with nin's previous record label, tv toons records. it is a six song work filled with rage, hate, and a lot of anger. many were not too impressed with this release after the great release of phm, but it accomplished what trent wanted. a vast difference from phm, focusing more on guitar than synthesized keyboard lines. this anger stemmed from his anger toward tvt, which led him to sign on interscope and create his own label, nothing records. a movie for broken was made by trent and peter 'sleazy' christopherson (of coil) and was never officially released outside of trent's circle of friends, but has somehow made it to the bootleggers. it is very violent and is too intense for young viewers, which fits the mood of the album exactly. also known as halo five.

NINE INCH NAILS - FIXED. the group of six remixes of various tracks off of the previous ep, broken, reveals reznor and his team's prowess in remixing and digital mastery. a good group of synthesized tracks, fixed gets some of the guitar and anger out of broken and turns into an industrial dream. it sucessfully interprets the angst-filled songs from broken into new tracks of synthesized melody and dismelody. fifty thousand were slated for u.s. release. it has been packaged along with halo seven and halo nine at various points in time. technically a single, it is almost an album in itself, and is a good complement to the previous halo, broken. also known as halo six.

NINE INCH NAILS - MARCH OF THE PIGS. reznor's pre-single to his second album, it contained the first track to hit the charts off the new lp. there were two videos made for march of the pigs. the first, directed by christopherson and reznor, was trashed (and has not made a public appearance yet, on official or bootlegged material) for it did not clearly interpret the song and did not portray nin the way trent wanted to, as nin had been out of sight for two years now. the second video, a one-shot live performance, was released and the audio was released on the cassingle of halo nine. the u.k. import came as two discs, and included big man with a gun as one of its tracks. it was also packaged with fixed in some cases, to be called fixed pig. also known as halo seven.

NINE INCH NAILS - THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL. nin's second full-length album combines the guitar and angst from broken along with the light side and synthesizers of phm into a new form of music seen here on tds. fourteen tracks depict a person throwing all of his life away, eventually concluding in the title track, the downward spiral, in which the person then dies. a revolutionary album, reznor's latest and finest, and well worth the wait. this concept album was one of the "most commercial uncommercial albums" of 1994, which saddened trent. 1994 was a year to "come to grips" on how big nin had become. after the release of the downward spiral the new live band (consisting of reznor, chris vrenna, danny lohner, robin finck, and james wooley [later replaced by charlie clouser]) began a year-long tour. the japanese import contained dead souls (placed between big man with a gun and a warm place) as a bonus track. also known as halo eight.

NINE INCH NAILS - CLOSER TO GOD. the second track off the downward spiral, this single holds remixes of closer, heresy, march of the pigs, and a cover of a soft cell song called memorabilia. a very good listen, it widens the spectrum of nin. closer was the song that did it. everyone liked it. country fans liked it. rap fans liked it. the video was done extraordinarily well. this song's release as a single was the gateway for nin into other items of business, such as the performance at woodstock 94 and the production of the natural born killers soundtrack. the video was shot on old 1920's camera on film stock (directed by mark romanek) which gave it the appropriate feel. the u.k. import came as two discs, entitled further away and closer to god, although the spine of the cd reads as closer. it was also packaged in the uk along with fixed in some cases, and called closely fixed. also known as halo nine.

NINE INCH NAILS - FURTHER DOWN THE SPIRAL. after a year of haloless releases, trent reznor assembles this collage of remixes on an ep of several tracks taken from halo eight, including everything from mr self destruct to piggy, eraser to the downward spiral, and finally, hurt. compiling remixes from such bands as aphex twin, coil, and nin themselves, this release encompasses and emphasizes about every emotion prevalent on halo eight. very similiar to the fixed genre of remixes, these tracks barely resemble anything to their original form; and each is very unique, all the while retaining a sort of continuity. the uk import contains extra tracks such as mixes of heresy and ruiner. also known as halo ten v2.
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