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1000 HOMO DJS - Supernaut. reznor does guitar on supernaut, a hard song originally written by black sabbath, and it is still questionable as to whether trent is on vocals.

The Crow Soundtrack. nine inch nails' cover of the joy division song entitled dead souls appears on the soundtrack as well in the movie. a brooding plethora of thumping drums and mellow yet thrashy guitars makes this song what it is.

TORI AMOS - Under the Pink. trent reznor appears on amos' track entitled past the mission as a backup vocalist. he adds very well to this song, one of amos' finest.

MEGADETH - Foreclosure of a Dream. trent remixes symphony of destruction (gristle mix) on this holland import single.

KMFDM - Light. reznor remixes light (fat back dub) on this kmfdm single assisted by chris vrenna.

MACHINES OF LOVING GRACE - Burn Like Brilliant Trash (at Jackie's Funeral). trent reproduces two versions of the song burnt offering (120 bpm), and burn like brilliant trash (dub 120 bpm).

Natural Born Killers Soundtrack. not only producing one of the most finest soundtracks on the market today by including film clips along with the over 27 songs featured on the disc, trent reznor has a new song by nine inch nails to be included with the other entitled burn, a song with a strange drum beat and contrasting verse/chorus lines.

Woodstock 94. nine inch nails' happiness in slavery appears on this 2-disc set, as well as larry bud melman's great announcement. nin didn't headline woodstock 94, but now is constantly mentioned in reference to it.

Quake. id software's huge followup to their doom-style line of games is Quake. the true 3-d engine, innovative of the time, is accompanied by an equally innovative soundtrack done by none other than trent reznor. sound clips are available (below).

Lost Highway. lost highway, the new film by david lynch, has a soundtrack that is on nothing records. nine inch nails and trent reznor (as an individual) did tracks on it, the nin track being the perfect drug. trent also did two instrumental tracks that capture the brooding mood of the film and the crazed obsession of the characters. the soundtrack also incorporates dialogue and textural sounds from the film.

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